Meeting Laura

I arranged a meeting with Laura today, we are meeting Wednesday afternoon in Salisbury to catch up and discuss the project. I’ve also given her my blog address and login details so she can have a look at some of my ideas so far and allowing her to add to it as she pleases!



So a possible theme could be the environment/wildlife, two subjects I also hold an interest for. With Laura’s expertise in film-making there leaves possible scope to introduce a documentary aspect creating more of an educational piece. A product in which an environment could be created where the user can explore and learn about that particular setting, nature for example. The imagery would be beautiful around this subject area, full of colour, texture, movement, and detail. Looking at creatures, plants, flowers etc, perfect for my previous idea of interactive photographs. 

So pondering around this idea of interactive imagery, which would be more of a visual piece and one of a possible informative based product?! But I’m still not entirely sure which just yet! 

Introducing Laura


Name: Laura Portnall

‘I am an artist working mostly within the mediums of photography and
film, as well as fine art. In all mediums colour and composition are
the two major factors of my work.

As a photographer i work with wildlife as my primary subject. Here i
focus on colour and composition in order to capture vibrant images of
wildlife and the environment around me.

These ideas spread into my work as a filmmaker where i use landscape
as a major part of my work. The environment my characters live in
becomes another character that influnces the understanding of the
story. This is evident in my graduation film ‘identical i’, a film
about identical twins in which the landscape served to denote the
relationship between two brothers.

My influnces range over many different mediums, from photographer
Heather Angel, filmmaker  Niki Caro, director of Whale Rider, to the
artist Chuck Close for his striking use of colour.

My inspriation comes from the natural world that surrounds me, whether
in film, photography or fine art. My work always start from the
personal, from ideas and themes that are important to me.’

A Piece Of Art

I managed to get hold of an old friend, Laura, who I met while studying my foundation BTEC Diploma in Art and Design nearly 4 years ago. We had talked a while back about me producing a website for exhibiting her photography. The site would be an online gallery/portfolio for potential clients to visit and view her work. Initially I considered creating the site for this project but I have decided that I would rather produce a ‘piece of art’ rather than a commercial product. So, I’m going to leave the promotional website as a separate project to do in my own time but would like Laura involved in my project working with me as a ‘subject specialist’. I’ll be picking her brains for ideas, advice and use her skills as a photographer and artist.

An initial idea I have is to take her photography and turn her photographs into interactive photographs! Images that can be manipulated by the movement of the mouse or touch of the keyboard. Sound could be added certain things could be affected by the users interaction with the photograph; colours could changed, move objects, facial expressions change in portraits, the weather could change in landscape scenes etc

I want to create something visually interactive. Stanza :: Soundscraper and Luc Courchesne’s ‘Landscape One’ are pieces that particularly stand out for me from the session last week. The use of colour, shapes and patterns to express movement created by the user and the level of interaction that recreates an environment around the user as if they are really there.

My second collaborator I have still to find, until I know what I intend to create I can’t yet decide what kind of media specialist I will need whether it be someone from Sound, TV, Animation, etc.

I have sent Laura a copy of the project brief and schedule to give her an indication of what I have been asked to do and the time I have to do it. I aim to meet with her hopefully sometime this week if not the week after to explore ideas!






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